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is it safe now ?

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been asking that question since this morning. This time last week i was putting sun cream to puzzled looking children. I can understand why cos its the middle of October!

This time last year gloves and woolly hats including scarves are all out. It is still sunny but not as hot outside but Im still not sure if it is ok to hide sun cream and and apre sun lotions. I have to pull out all drawers and dig out bags in the attic in search of creams last week.

I think it is not just me , but the whole world has gone mad. 😕

By the way this morning an innocent looking 4 year old blond boy with a pair of piercing blue eyes asked me while i was making his lunch box ‘P , what is wintercourse?’ :O :O I dunno if he was asking what I thought he was asking and to be honest I dunno what to tell him. I am good with children but telling them about how the birds and the bees came about is not my forte ! Will leave that to the parents thank you very much !

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wordpress idiot

October 14, 2010 1 comment

that’s me! I’m new here and I dunno if it’s just me or is it in women’s nature that we have reading INSTRUCTIONS! How do i add images on my posts and put them on the right place and format that i like folks? Help me out please – in plain english and none of those jargons a computer idiot does not understand. Thanks !

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My Plan B

October 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I didnt really need a Plan B till today. You see, I use to blog somewhere else. It’s a small blogging community with people i have grown to love and hate. I have met a few nasties, but i met a lot of good ones too. However, because of careless words spoken I offended the one person that makes staying there bearable. So I have decided to sign off for good from that site.

I want to believe that I have a good heart and I did not set about trampling other people and hurting their feelings during my stay there. Yes, I cried. I laughed. I got annoyed. I vented. I lost a few friends. I gained some. Then lost some more again along the way. I blogged. I b!tched. I complained. And, now it’s time for me to leave. C’est la vie.

That is why I am here, testing the waters. A new beginning.

This…is my Plan B.

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