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Facebook 101

October 26, 2010 2 comments

I have been meaning to rant write about this one for days but have been busy obsessing about making the Apple and Cinnamon Roll with Walnut recipe I saw on Freshly Pressed last week. I tried doing it over the weekend but I ended up really depressed coz it was so hard and it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction against you know who. 😦 Anyhoo, I gave it another try and it turned out like this:

Not bad at all!! 😀 It does not look as good as the original post ( again I wish I know how to add a link to that blog! ) but it taste scrumptious!!

Back to the Facebook idiots–I was disgusted when I saw the news about our local politicians who took up a course on (((((((BASIC FACEBOOK))))))) at the expense of the tax payers! How ridiculous is that?? The damage?? €190 for the course and add up hotel accommodation and travel expenses it went up to about €500!!  What the hell??!! And I thought the country is in recession?? What do they need bleeding Facebook for?? Even Dumb and Dumberer knows how to use Facebook. Those local councilors who sign up for it must be taking the piss! There we are the working class breaking our back working hard and have been hit by one cut after the other and more hikes in our taxes just to send out politicians to take up Facebook 101??!! And it’s a whole day affair! What a wast of time and money! How many hours do you need to learn how to poke?? 2 hours?? And how many hours do you need to learn how to update your status??  2 more hours?? Uploading pictures?? Maybe 3 hours?? Bloody hell!!

And my blood is boiling the other day I was shouted at on the phone by a very rude immigration officer who is based in Munster area for daring to ask to speak to her over the phone because I could not commit to the appointment schedule that is being given to me by the equally useless colleague of hers in reception coz according to her ‘I dunno coz I don’t deal with immigration issues!’. I don’t have a car and I live in the middle of nowhere, I look after 6 children all under the age of 6 and if I have to go to her I have to hire a taxi take time off work and look for someone to relieve me while I deal with my visa issues. I felt so small and insignificant by the way she spoke to me. I am sure she would not dare talk to an irish person like that–just because I am JUST an immigrant in this country. But even so–coz of people like me– doctors, nurses, engineers, POLITICIANS, actors and actresses, business people and members of AN GARDA  SIOCHANA like her are able to go to work coz they know someone is holding the home front for them and looking after their precious children! Such an ignorant person she is–to think that I am paying my taxes and that is where she gets her pay! I will face her after Halloween, and my name wont be McP if I don’t give her a piece of my mind. She better be nice or I will file a formal complaints for discrimination.

*Sigh* I’m so stressed out!! I felt I just got 3 more gray hairs and gained a few wrinkles!


Oh yes!! I am PMSing!!

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

For some reason, Vodafone is sooooo bloody slow!! After slaving all day at work running around like a headless chicken and trying hard to keep the pesky kids from hurting each other, marathon nappy changing, taking instructionSSSSSSS from McB (yes a hell lot of SSSSSSS coz they keep coming!!!) like I’m an idiot and does not know how to mind children ( I practically raised all 6 of them since they were born!!) and did I mention that she also expects me to clean her mansion??  Yes, mansion!! So if you are an employer who expects a lot from your slave errrr I mean childminder—LOOK AWAY NOW!! :@:@

I dunno what I am doing still working for McB–I have  finished my FETAC Level 5 Childcare Course which means I am a professional Nanny but I am still paid a minimum wage! With so much OT (without pay!!) opppps I’m sorry I get paid for my OTs, I forgot, I get paid A MILLION ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!! A MILLION BLOODY THANKS!! :@:@:@ Thank yous is good but sometimes i prefer cash!! Think about it, she works long hours and she gets paid by her company but she expects me to work as long as her and not get paid??!!  Good swinging mickey!!!! She is good! Hah!! So why am I still working with her?? Oh wait, there is a recession going on and finding a different job is hard and she knows it so she is taking advantage!! Beets!! Bits!! Beats!!Beech!!McSwingingBloodyB!!!!!!!!!tch!! Argh!! When I was talking to a ‘friend’ about this I was told to complain to NERA ( some governing body that sorts abusive employers). And for what??? So I could get fired??!!! Those bloody politicians are so stupid!! This thing works in paper—perfect!!! But in reality, it never will!!!!

I know I should be grateful to have a job unlike other people who are struggling to make ends meet but this is too much. 5 years and she still treat me like an idiot!

My only consolation is #6 can say ‘I wab you Sese’. And another thing with the Sese, my name is not Sese!! He can say BISCUIT no problem but i dont understand why he cant say my name properly!! Argh!! I think I will start vanishing those bloody biscuits from the kitchen press!!

And just now I got another text from a friend. What is it with those ‘send this to 12 people or something abd will happen’ texts??!! Bloody hell!! I am so sick of those. One time I got one of those at 3 am!! 3am!! I would have been the unluckiest person in this earth coz to be honest, i dont do bloody chain letters/texts!!! I have more important things to text about than those useless things!! Argh!!

I have to stop , Beloved is giving me ‘the look’! I dont want more dramas. I think I am not the only one PMSing! :P:P

I’m a virgin no more!!

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been suffering from a bad case of PMS (Pity Me Syndrome) lately– work wise, social, personal and yesterday lovelife almost made it to the list! Sheesh!! What is wrong with me!! For that reason I decided to treat myself to the salon! Fear not!! I did not break the bank. McB gave me €30 gift voucher and Peter Mark Salon is on 20% off this weekend so its not that bad!! I was determined to have a boy hair cut like I use to when I was little–my Uncle cuts my hair and gives me a boy hair cut and sometimes ‘bowl’ hair cut then give me 2.00pesos when I start to bawl. :))

However, when I mentioned it to my hair dresser, she was not having any of it! I have been obsessing about an Aggy Deyn hair style for months now, like this!

Hairdresser said it wont suit me! Eh? It suited me 100 years ago?? And besides I am the upset one that need cheering up!! I am glad I listened to her though coz looking at Aggy now I realized I am not pretty enough to get away with it. Aggy is so gorgeous she can get away with so little hair and even if she shaved her head, she will still look fab! I opted for a layered bob instead. I cant think of anyone with a layered bob at the moment. And to make me feel better, AM–the hairdresser, suggested I color my hair. She suggested something with a red hue–I almost fled the salon! After arguing for 15 minutes –she must thought I am a fussy b!tch–we went for some mahogany brown color. Dont ask me what it is, the use numbers in the salon! 😛 And by the way, I’M A VIRGIN!! There!! I said it!! It’s my first time to have my hair colored!! So, I left the salon yesterday a virgin no more!!

I will get you next time Aggy!!!

I Feel Like Ranting!!

October 10, 2010 2 comments

Drama…arent we tired of it yet? Coz I am. I’m fed up with everything.  I’m fed up of listening to other people telling me how to live my life. I’m fed up of listening to others  holy ‘righteous’ people preaching to me. I’m fed up of pretending and having to smile through gritted teeth just to keep the peace and make others happy.

My life is without a drama for as long as I can remember. And not just the ordinary drama or the OTT exaggeration of things. I have had a tough life. Everytime I close my eyes at night i would wish that I do not wake up anymore. I am tired! And others trying to dictate and control  the way I have to live my life is making things even harder for me.

So unless you have been in the same situation as I have been– stay out of my way and my life if you are just gonna judge me and shove your ‘unsolicited advice’ down my throat. If I need advice I will ask, I’m an adult, I am not a child.

I am going to have a rant here and pretend that I am saying this to all those people who are creating dramas in my life. I am a bit of a chicken LOL but I guess it’s better this way rather than hurt  other people’s feelings or worst I might go all crazy I’d start chasing them all with a hurley and will provably send them to the hospital and be lame for life or die of aneurysm and me languish in jail!!

Here comes my virtual rant:

1. I am not a religious person so stop preaching to me and shoving the bible to my face! I let you practice your religion and I tolerate you everytime you say ‘praise the …..’ every 5 seconds but for crying out loud stop trying to convert me!! I only went to church with you once coz you have been harrassing me pretty much every day for the past 5 years!!  If you were so worried I’d end up in hell for my sinful ways i suggest you start praying for my soul now coz werent you the one who told me that prayer is powerful??I respect your views so respect mine!

2. Stop meddling with my relationships, okay?? This is my life and I will do what I like with it. I am doing all my responsibilities in life.  I bring food on the table, send the children to school, help out others in need, I volunteer in the community, work for charity, I have a decent job that I can be proud of so what is your problem?? After all, when things go wrong, I am the only one who is left to sort things out. And where were you?? I made my bed, I will lie in it. And again, I’m an adult!!

3. Just because I dont mince my word does not make me a cold insensitive btcih. I am no good at pretending. If I offend you, tell me. I know how to apologize, my mother and gran taught me well. Dont go about telling things to others. Remember, I am not a mind reader.

4. I do get tired as well you know. Try turning the hoover on 24/7. It wont last the whole week. I have been really good. Doing 12 sometimes 14 hours work daily. I am on call whenever you want, the nights and even the weekends. Yet you are asking for more?? Bloody H*** !! You are not even paying me and when did you last say thank you?? I am not a door mat!

5. hmmm I cant think of a # 5. I guess I’m not angry anymore. 😀 Writing is really very calming. I was able to off load all those negative feelings without hurting anyone!

It get’s easier everyday…

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes I believe that now. It was hard to even say it a few days ago. I had a bad case of PMS ( Pity Me Syndrome) the past days but I guess I’m over it now. I have said my last words and in my heart, I truly believe that I have done everything I can. Now it’s time to let go. I’m still sad, coz it’s not easy losing someone you love in the pettiest and most stupid way. If only I have a wand so I can just wave it and everything is fine again.


Just last week, I was writing about wanting to fly and float away somewhere even just for a while and forget everything. I didn’t in the end. But for now, what ever hurt, pain and bitterness I have inside, I’m letting it float away from me so I can go back to my normal self. I hate being sad. I wanna go back to my old self. I also realized that happiness is a choice. I am still sad, but I’m doing something to make myself happy again.

I never knew writing is so therapeutic till today. Save me from saving horrible things to people all of which I’m sure will be regretted in the end.

Fly away balloon…fly away hurt…fly away bitterness.

...float away.