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Lazy Lasagna

October 17, 2010 2 comments

I dunno why but I’m finding myself blogging about things I cook lately. As I was saying yesterday, I made Beloved’s requested lasagna. I am terrible at following recipes in cook books so I improvise a lot. And also, I dont have a proper kitchen!!  I hate buying lots of stuffs coz I move a lot–with shared accomodations, space is limited too so I just make do with whatever thing is on hand. With the Lazy Lasagna you will need these:

 1 carrot–chopped, 1 pepper–chopped, 1 onion–chopped, 3 cloves garlic–crushed, a can of 400g chopped tomato with herbs, lasagna sheets ( I cant make my own and never will coz this is lazy cooking!! Remember when you were still in college??), 1 spoon of tomato puree, 1 spoon of olive oil. And that is just for the sauce. Now for your roux sauce–sorry I was not able to take a picture of the ingredients. You will need butter ( did i mention I dont really measure some of my ingredients?? I do it by feel, sight and smell 😛 ), some milk, some plain flour and some grated cheese—actually a lot of grated cheese!! I like my roux cheesy! Remember to leave some grated cheese to sprinkle on top of your lasagna later.

1. Heat your casserole dish/ pan or what ever you are using. Add the olive oil then the chopped onion and crushed garlic. Cook it till wilted  or have slightly browned a bit–do not let it burn tho!

2. Add the rest of the chopped vegetables in, tinned tomato and tomato puree. Add a bit of hot water into it ( I use the empty tin of chopped tomato–half full), then mix. Turn the heat to low after it boil and let it simmer for 40 minutes. It should now look like this:

3. While waiting for your sauce to cook, time to make your roux sauce. In a hot pot, put some butter (did i mention I dont really measure my ingredients?? I go by feel, sight and smell :P:P ). When melted, add in some plain flour and make a paste. If you put too much butter just keep adding more flour till you get that paste consistency. Add milk little by little while mixing–make sure it does not get lumpy. Continue doing it till you attain a thick –but not too thick– consistency. Pretty much like this:

Hmmm, i have to add Le Cresout dish on my wish list from Santa!!   Then add some grated cheese–use cheddar red or white does not matter– till you got the taste you like. For me, the more cheese, the better! Keep mixing it to prevent it from burning till the cheese melts. Let it boil for 5 more minutes then take it out from the hob.                                  

4. I assume, the mince is now cooked and tender, take out the baking dish/tray whatever size or shape you are using. It’s layer time!! First, put roux sauce at the bottom. Then lasagna sheets ( i like using Jaime Oliver’s just because he is gorgeous :D:D:D ). Then put half of the mince sauce in. Then more pasta.  Roux sauce. Then the reamaining mince sauce. More lasagna sheets then top it with roux sauce. Put grated cheese on top at last. It should now look like this:

Hmmm, now bung it into the pre heated oven ( 180 ) for 45 or 50 minutes. Then voila!!!!!

Yum yum! Tuck in!! :D:D:D I normally serve it with baby potato wedges with some chopped thyme and crushed garlic for Beloved. Other time, with mashed potato and sometimes when I am feeling healthy, I serve it with some greens.

Apologies for the pictures, I am still experimenting.

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Banofie Pie–Lazy Chef Version :P

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard them talking about food. I have always had a sweet tooth so when they started talking about Banofie Pie—I started salivating. And darn, I was thinking about it all day!!

First thing I did when I finished work was to head off to the Supervalue. I made sure I have everything for the Chicken Dinner for The Weary and the full irish breakfast tomorrow before I headed off the baking section. I couldn’t get to the house quick enough to start cooking.

For the Banofie Pie, you will need:

1 can of carnation caramel milk

12 crushed digestive biscuit

2 big spoons of soft butter (just about enough to cover the crushed biscuits):)

3 medium bananas chopped in discs

 250 ml  fresh cream, whipped

1. Mix the soft butter and crushed biscuit and put in the base of whatever container you wish to put your pie into–little bowls/ little glasses/baking tray –whatever!! Press the mixture down then pop it into the fridge for a while to set.

2. Pour the caramel milk on top of the biscuit base. Make sure to cover the whole biscuit.

3. Top it with the banana discs then pour the whipped cream on top. LEave it on the fridge for an hour of preferably overnight to set. Serve.

Make sure you have serviette nearby coz there will be drooling all over the place–that’s not just the toddlers but the grown ups too.

Easy Peasy Lemony Squeezy!! Lazy Chef’s Banofie Pie.



I wish I could figure out how to attatch pictures and make it stay in the format that I like. 😦

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Dinner for the weary

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Beloved has been a bit moany these past days. I understand coz he is new to his job, barely 3 months into it. His previous job was in the construction industry, now in the health sector–how far is that??

Anyway, to make him feel better, I promised I would cook him a good dinner tonight—-Chicken with white wine and rasher!

You must have:
2 part boned chicken breasts(washed&dried)
1 cup chopped leek
1 up celery sticks
1 cup carrot sticks
1/2 cup chopped rasher
1 bay leaf
4 cubes of butter
2 cups chicken broth
1 glass of white wine
a dash of olive oil
a spoonfull of flour

I’m so sorry i dont normally measure my ingredients–i go by feel and if I do measure I use cups. And I am sorry I dont have pictures but I promise I will post one on my next post. I am new on wordpress and I hate reading instructions so I am still ‘feeling’ things here.

1. Fry the chicken breasts till slightly browned. Set aside.
2. Put the chopped rasher on the hot pan that was used to fry the chicken–fry the rasher till it is slightly crunchy.
3.Add the chopped leek and the butter cubes. Stir to prevent it from burning.
4. Add in bay leaf and celery sticks, followed by the carrot sticks. Keep cooking for 5 minutes—remember, medium fire!!!
5. After the vegetable sticks are wilted, add in a spoonfull of flour and continue cooking for 2 more minutes.
6. Add the wine and chicken broth and bring it to a boil. Once it boils, put it to slow fire and let it simmer for 45minutes to 55 minutes–or till meat is tender. Adjust seasoning and voila!! A hearty chicken with rasher and vegetable sticks!

Easy peasy lemony squeezy! It can be served with rice or mashed potato. I prefer the rice—it’s my cpmfort food during the cold winter days!!

I think I am stuck on my college self coz all the foods i tend to cook are easy and should I say— A Lazy Chef Cousine!! 😛 I might consider changing my blog title! Happy eating!!

Beloved loved loved loved it. And he is asking for Lasagne tomorro! Eeeek!! And not the jarred ones—everthing must be from scratch– the bolognese sauce and even th eroux sauce!! argh!!

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