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I’m a virgin no more!!

I have been suffering from a bad case of PMS (Pity Me Syndrome) lately– work wise, social, personal and yesterday lovelife almost made it to the list! Sheesh!! What is wrong with me!! For that reason I decided to treat myself to the salon! Fear not!! I did not break the bank. McB gave me €30 gift voucher and Peter Mark Salon is on 20% off this weekend so its not that bad!! I was determined to have a boy hair cut like I use to when I was little–my Uncle cuts my hair and gives me a boy hair cut and sometimes ‘bowl’ hair cut then give me 2.00pesos when I start to bawl. :))

However, when I mentioned it to my hair dresser, she was not having any of it! I have been obsessing about an Aggy Deyn hair style for months now, like this!

Hairdresser said it wont suit me! Eh? It suited me 100 years ago?? And besides I am the upset one that need cheering up!! I am glad I listened to her though coz looking at Aggy now I realized I am not pretty enough to get away with it. Aggy is so gorgeous she can get away with so little hair and even if she shaved her head, she will still look fab! I opted for a layered bob instead. I cant think of anyone with a layered bob at the moment. And to make me feel better, AM–the hairdresser, suggested I color my hair. She suggested something with a red hue–I almost fled the salon! After arguing for 15 minutes –she must thought I am a fussy b!tch–we went for some mahogany brown color. Dont ask me what it is, the use numbers in the salon! 😛 And by the way, I’M A VIRGIN!! There!! I said it!! It’s my first time to have my hair colored!! So, I left the salon yesterday a virgin no more!!

I will get you next time Aggy!!!

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