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Banofie Pie–Lazy Chef Version :P

I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard them talking about food. I have always had a sweet tooth so when they started talking about Banofie Pie—I started salivating. And darn, I was thinking about it all day!!

First thing I did when I finished work was to head off to the Supervalue. I made sure I have everything for the Chicken Dinner for The Weary and the full irish breakfast tomorrow before I headed off the baking section. I couldn’t get to the house quick enough to start cooking.

For the Banofie Pie, you will need:

1 can of carnation caramel milk

12 crushed digestive biscuit

2 big spoons of soft butter (just about enough to cover the crushed biscuits):)

3 medium bananas chopped in discs

 250 ml  fresh cream, whipped

1. Mix the soft butter and crushed biscuit and put in the base of whatever container you wish to put your pie into–little bowls/ little glasses/baking tray –whatever!! Press the mixture down then pop it into the fridge for a while to set.

2. Pour the caramel milk on top of the biscuit base. Make sure to cover the whole biscuit.

3. Top it with the banana discs then pour the whipped cream on top. LEave it on the fridge for an hour of preferably overnight to set. Serve.

Make sure you have serviette nearby coz there will be drooling all over the place–that’s not just the toddlers but the grown ups too.

Easy Peasy Lemony Squeezy!! Lazy Chef’s Banofie Pie.



I wish I could figure out how to attatch pictures and make it stay in the format that I like. 😦

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