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It get’s easier everyday…

Yes I believe that now. It was hard to even say it a few days ago. I had a bad case of PMS ( Pity Me Syndrome) the past days but I guess I’m over it now. I have said my last words and in my heart, I truly believe that I have done everything I can. Now it’s time to let go. I’m still sad, coz it’s not easy losing someone you love in the pettiest and most stupid way. If only I have a wand so I can just wave it and everything is fine again.


Just last week, I was writing about wanting to fly and float away somewhere even just for a while and forget everything. I didn’t in the end. But for now, what ever hurt, pain and bitterness I have inside, I’m letting it float away from me so I can go back to my normal self. I hate being sad. I wanna go back to my old self. I also realized that happiness is a choice. I am still sad, but I’m doing something to make myself happy again.

I never knew writing is so therapeutic till today. Save me from saving horrible things to people all of which I’m sure will be regretted in the end.

Fly away balloon…fly away hurt…fly away bitterness.

...float away.

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